Biz Millennium

Control & Transparency

December 14, 2021

3:00 pm


Digitalization in manufacturing gives you a clear view of the complete production system, including the state of each machine. Managers who look at the system from beginning to finish can detect faults and performance gaps quickly and use data to pinpoint the main causes. Companies are increasingly turning to big data analytics to obtain insights from historical data in order to optimize demand management, reduce inventory buffers, and streamline long-term and short-term production schedules.

Even though products are within established standards, being close to the edge of permissible tolerances can cause quality difficulties, according to these advanced analytics. Recognizing patterns associated to quality issues in production, packaging, and logistics can help businesses respond more quickly and reduce mistakes. Quality control and supplier data are frequently related to defects, revealing the underlying causes of poor quality.

The conference focuses on improving the efficiency and management of the operations inside the manufacturing process. Because of digital manufacturing, most quality checks are completed in seconds rather than hours. This reduces production time and allows for the production of more product with greater quality standards.

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