Biz Millennium

Biz Millennium
- Formerly Empiric Media

Empiric Media Evolves into Biz Millennium (Averance Pvt. Ltd.)

In the dynamic landscape of B2B conference agencies, change is not uncommon. One such evolution has caught the attention of industry enthusiasts as Empiric Media, a name synonymous with impactful B2B events for seven years, transforms into Biz Millennium, which now operates under the legal entity Averance Private Limited. This rebranding marks a significant chapter in the company's journey, promising innovation, growth, and a renewed commitment to delivering exceptional B2B conferences.

The Journey of Empiric Media

Over the course of seven remarkable years, Empiric Media has established itself as a stalwart presence in the B2B conference agency landscape. From its inception, the company has been a beacon of excellence and innovation, consistently exceeding industry standards. Throughout this time, Empiric Media has navigated the dynamic business terrain with resilience and adaptability, not only shaping the narrative within various industries but also fostering enduring relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. As the company transitions into the next chapter as Biz Millennium and now Averance Private Limited, the seven-year journey stands as a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional B2B conferences and sets the stage for a future marked by continued growth, success, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Reasons Behind the Change

Strategic Focus Shift

The transformation from Empiric Media to Averance Private Limited signifies a deliberate shift in our business focus. Recognizing evolving industry needs, we are strategically realigning to stay at the forefront of the B2B conference landscape.

Expanded Service Offerings

Averance Private Limited is committed to providing comprehensive solutions. Our rebranding reflects an expansion of services, incorporating cutting-edge technology and industry-specific expertise to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

New Corporate Vision

The change in identity aligns with our new corporate vision—Averance represents our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and forward-thinking practices. We aspire to lead positive change and set new standards for excellence.

Introducing Averance Pvt. Ltd.

As Empiric Media gives way to Biz Millennium, now operating under the legal entity Averance Private Limited, the new identity brings with it a fresh perspective and renewed energy. The name itself implies a forward-looking approach, suggesting that the company is positioned to thrive in the business landscape of the new millennium.

Key Services and Offerings

Explore the enhanced services and offerings that Averance now provides. Whether it's a focus on cutting-edge technology, expanded industry coverage, or a refined approach to client partnerships, delve into the specifics that set Averance apart.


In conclusion, the transformation from Empiric Media to Biz Millennium and now Averance Private Limited signifies more than just a change in name—it represents a strategic move towards the future. As Averance Private Limited embarks on this new chapter after seven years of shaping impactful B2B events, the industry watches with interest, eager to witness the unfolding success of this rebranded B2B conference agency.

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