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Transforming Enterprise’s ITC

A Unified SaaS for Vendor Payment Blocking

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Kaustav Sil

CFO, Sandvik

Gaurav Sharma

Director Product, Clear


In the complex realm of Input Tax Credit (ITC) reporting, finance leaders and tax teams navigate challenges such as unclaimed ITC, amendments, and reversals whilst withholding GST payments to non-compliant vendors. Automating Table-4 generation and maintaining a detailed ledger to address government notices become critical. 

The best approach to de-risk compliance is choosing a unified compliance solution with intuitive workbenches and configurable vendor management systems. Minimise loss of working capital and mitigate compliance risks with peace of mind. Automated validation checks ensure accuracy, flagging erroneous ITC claims, including any incorrect place of supply and time-barred claims. 

Integrating ERP systems with cloud-based SaaS solutions will enhance the quality of ITC eligibility checks and compliance efficiency in real time.

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4th CFO Diaries - Clear - 27 Feb
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